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Very simple and loving I'm a very simple loving man
One can never be poor, if only he is loved Hey! I'm an easy going person,
i try not to take myself too seriously!
i love to be in the company of someone who is fun loving
and can have the craic as well as a good conversation
looking for love and a life spouse. I love to travel, and i love outdoors spor ...
I'm a free person and fun to be with... Feel free to chat me up I love honesty and i would love to have a cycle of honesty
Am an easy going person who like to build and foster positive rel ... Am determine, very focus, simple and gentle natured. I believe there is so much greatness in me that need to be used to promotes god's purpose anywhere.
I'm basically a straightforward no nonsense kind of guy. If you are in nigeria, do not write to me and do not send me a "smile! " because i will never send any woman (or anyone) i have never met in person any money ever! I've already been through this too many times to count since late december 2009, so don't waste either of our time! ...